Bangalore (or Bengaluru) Adventure

About two months ago Eric was offered an opportunity to run a global marketing center in Bengaluru India.  It took us barely a day to decide that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so we jumped.

Since then we’ve done a lot of online research, collecting things we want to bring over and anticipating our lives for the next two years.

Two weeks ago things kicked into gear and we are heading to Bengaluru January 1 to find housing that is close to Eric’s work that it won’t involve hours in traffic jams.  We also want our place to be near amenities so I can explore the city and we can do things in the evening without needing our driver (yes, we will have a driver!!!)  And, best of all there will be loads of space for friends to come visit!

Once we return from our week visit we’ll have a few weeks to pack up and have stuff shipped overseas while our long-term visas are in the works.  We are targeting a February move.  In the meantime there is much to do – and people to see.

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