Making a House a Home

We moved into our new house last week and have been hard at work converting it from an empty space into a home.

It is a fun and funny thing to outfit an entirely new space.  Do you buy similar things to what you have at home? Do you branch out into new shapes and genres? New color palettes? How do you integrate India’s culture into the space you live in?

Most importantly, how do you make the house your own so you can find comfortable spots in which to curl up to read a book, to savor the outdoors, to eat your meals or look at mementos to remember family and friends?



Our house is the floor below the top (it has the brown wood ceilings)



Our Favorite Purchases (these divide the large space between the living room and the dining room)


These pedestals are pretty solid (praying I don’t walk into one by accident) and the two of the three lanterns house vanilla candles waiting to be lit.

Entry Way

Living Room

Dining Room


This is definitely going to be a favorite place once I conquer my fear of mosquitos! Also there are porches off each bedroom and around the central living space.  Flower and vegetable post to come.


Master Bedroom

Note there are three other bedrooms, but they are awaiting our linens from the US so pictures to come!

Our house still needs many finishing touches, lots more color, pictures, etc., but it is shaping up nicely – and becoming our home.

Observation:  I’ve noticed that you can’t exactly count on stuff promised. It isn’t that people mean to mislead but that they want to pacify. And then they ignore. Perseverance pays off though!