Jackfruit is in season (for about three months) and can be found everywhere.  Particularly on the carts of street sellers around the city.  These pictures are of a tree in our apartment building garden and how quickly the fruit grows.  I know I should have taken the picture from the same place each time, but these are taken about a month apart and it seems like you can watch the fruit grow.  It is also interesting that it grows from the lower trunk of the tree versus the branches.

There are many different varies of jackfruit.  The ones above are pretty round, but the one Ali, our driver, bought was huge (my guess is about 8-10 pounds) and oval.  What you are seeing in the pictures is only half of the bought fruit.

Jackfruit stinks.  I mean literally stinks.  If you can get past the odor and the stickiness (some rub oil on their hands to make it easier to “peel” and get to the fruit center then you are rewarded.  Below are pictures of Ali and Annette, our cook, opening the jackfruit and getting to the “good” stuff.  There are huge pits that can be roasted.  Not sure how they could be eaten though.

This is what you eat.  Looks like one of those peanut marshmallows we used to eat as kids.Not too sweet, but hard to explain! It is an acquired taste.  Ali and Annette ended up taking most of it home!  But when in India you must try it!