Utensils in an Indian Kitchen

When we first moved to India we went shopping for kitchen things.  As with every country there are special foods and the pots and utensils have been made to suit the cuisine. You’ll recognize most of these items and will find in future posts how (and why) they are used.

  • Saute pot


  • Pressure cooker


Observation: I just learned watching Annette cook that when using a pressure cooker you use the number of times the pressure valve (at the top) pops as a unit of time measurement. Rice cooks in 3-4 pops, potatoes 3 pops, etc.  And pressure cookers while sounding scary (they are just blowing off steam – literally!) are truly amazing at speeding up cooking times!

  • Blender (with small chutney sized bowl)


  • Marble rolling board and pin


You can see the size of this relative to my foot (nice nail polish, right?!).  It is small, but quite heavy and cool so the perfect spot to roll the dough.

  • Chapati pan (not edges) and flat wooden spatula
  • Dosa pan (with edges)


  • Oil pot (this is pretty small, probably holds 1 cup and has a little ladle in it)


  • Other special spoons – the ones on the left and center are general use and the spoon on the right for making dosas since it is more like a ladle, but flatter


  • Metal bowls and covers – so simple and so useful but used for food mixing and storage