What is it like to live abroad?

We have been living in Bangalore India for over 16 months and it seems like yesterday that we left the US.  Sometimes it doesn’t even seem real that we do live overseas.  Our time in India has changed us in measurable and immeasurable ways.

As an ex-pat we live the life that fewer than 1% of India will ever experience.  It is clearly a life of privilege.  We have a large home in which to live, plentiful food and air conditioned comfort.  We are able to travel to explore this large and glorious country. We see how others are less fortunate and still don’t understand.

We see hard working people who sweep the streets daily.  Crazy drivers who don’t follow rules as they attempt to get from place to place with horns blaring.  Colorful attire with wide smiles.  Children rushing to go to school to learn, to improve their place in their world – and be the light for their family. I could go on and on.

We see this, but it becomes background to our daily lives of living.  Going to work. Shopping at the supermarket.  Getting my nails polished or hair cut.  Playing canasta. Volunteering teaching technology at a deaf school (more to come on this in a future post). Eating dinner with friends. Normal life, just in a different city, different county, different world.