Party at the Salls!

We hosted our first party last night and… had way too much food.  Everyone seemed to have fun though.  This was for a bunch of Eric’s managers and their spouses.  We know better for the next party in two weeks!


Things I learned

  • It is really, really hard to get the florist to do something simple.  He wanted to spray the green leaves gold.


  • When it is hot (even with A/C) people don’t eat that much.  Need to cut down on options.
  • When it is hot people drink more beer (duh!) and juices and less whisky.  I think Eric drank most of the whisky that was consumed.


  • There weren’t that many mosquitos so maybe my many, many lemongrass candles and plugs worked.  And our outdoor porch worked really well.


  • Annette and her kids were very helpful throughout the night.


  • Our place works really well for a party!